KOTA KINABALU (SAT): In line with the theme of the State Budget for 2021 “People’s Prosperity, Sustainable Economy” the budget which was tabled by the Sabah Chief Minister, Datuk Hj. Hajiji on Friday 18 December is comprehensive yet prudent in its mission to meet the objective of prospering the people in Sabah from all level of life, said IDS Chief Executive Officer Mr. Anthony Kiob.

In his statement today, the CEO of IDS, Mr. Anthony Kiob stated that, the budget which was aimed to stimulate and elevate Sabah’s economy from the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic has covered most of the essential areas for Sabah to move forward and recover from the COVID-19 impact on the economy.

“Despite facing the COVID-19 challenges, the GRS government has efficiently managed to table a surplus budget of RM178.70 million. Tabling a surplus budget indicates the financial position of the State Government remains stable and this will build investors confident on the state financial management,” he said.

Mr. Anthony further added that the prospects for the oil and gas industry is something to look forward to in 2021 with negotiations between the State and Federal Government on the State’s Sales Tax and regulatory authority, is expected to materialise in the nearest future. “As it is projected in 2021 that the oil and gas industry’s revenue will be the highest, contributing 27.9% of the total revenue, this is a reflection of the government’s direction in preserving the rights and interest of Sabah and its people as being part of the Federation of Malaysia,” he elaborated referring within the context of the 1963 Malaysia Agreement.

The commitment and seriousness of the GRS government to bring the state back on the right track of development is shown through the introduction of the strategic development plan called Sabah Maju Jaya Development Plan (SMJ Plan) which will be tabled in January 2021,” he said. “Having the strategic development plan indicates that the GRS government is a visionary government and is not only thinking of a short-term solutions to the many challenges currently faced by the state,” said Anthony.

Mr. Anthony is hopeful that the strategies laid out in the budget especially the Sabah Maju Jaya Development Plan 2021-2025 are able to propel Sabah towards becoming a resilient and sustainable state despite the everchanging global climate, and states that IDS is in full support and ready to mobilise its research capacity in order to materialise the State Government’s direction.


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