KOTA KINABALU (WED): Following the release of the declassified report on the Double Six tragedy on 12th April 2023, the Institute for Development Studies (Sabah) (IDS) would like to express its sincerest hope that this will serve as a sign for further initiatives that ensures a journey towards transparent and open governance in Sabah and the Federation’s relationship with the state.

IDS CEO, Datuk Dr. Ramzah Dambul, iterated the decision to make the report accessible to the public is a significant effort by the Federal Cabinet and should be made the basis of validated evidence to end all questions and conspiracy theories.

“The declassification of the report is a story 47 years in the making and can be argued to have come 47 years too late, the secrecy has cultivated unwarranted speculations and grievances to the victims’ families and the people of Sabah. Therefore, although the tragedy has passed, the consequences and strong sentiment will remain a permanent fixture in the Sabahan psyche”, he further explained.

The report concluded that the probable cause of the tragedy was attributed to an error in management of baggage leading to the aircraft’s centre of gravity to be compromised. “Through the balance of probability substantially derived from careful consideration with the report and other sources consistent with the report, we are able to conclude this to be the most likely’ situation”, and with this information, we hope it will offer solace and closure for those directly and indirectly involved by this incident,” Dr. Ramzah further commented.

“We also would like to laud the openness and transparency of the Federal government, and we hope moving forward there will be a prevailing attitude of upholding these key principles in paving the way forward, thus increasing the people’s confidence in good governance,” Dr. Ramzah stresses. As the Double Six tragedy remains a significant chapter in Sabah’s history, IDS will remain committed in assisting the State Government and the public in manoeuvring through these developments and channelling It towards a positive trajectory.

The Institute has initiated an open platform for public members to navigate through the event’s timeline as it unfolds. “One of the mechanisms is to gauge public sentiment through data analytics, and we look forward to seeing the public use this platform meaningfully to ensure they are well-informed”, he concluded.


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