The Borneo Review is the journal published by the Institute for Development Studies (Sabah) bi-annually in the months of June and December.

The editors invite submission of articles on subject within the field of development, economics, politics, regional and international affairs, environment and sustainable issues, indigenous people, conservation, gender and any other relevant topic to Borneo, the East ASEAN and Southeast Asian region. Articles submitted should not have been published or have been submitted for publication elsewhere.


  1. A manuscript submitted to the Journal will be taken to imply that it represents an original unpublished work, not under consideration for publication elsewhere. The contents of the manuscript shall be the sole responsibility of the author and publication does not imply the concurrence of the Editorial Board or the publishers.
  2. Contributors are to submit their articles to [email protected]
  3. Articles should be accompanied, by the author’s name, address, and affiliation, and by an abstract, not exceeding 150 words, giving a clear indication of the nature and range of results in the paper.
  4. Broad divisions and section headings should be clearly marked in the text where appropriate. Quotations that run into text should appear in double quotation marks, with longer quotations (exceeding 40 words) set off from text, without quotation marks, and indented at both margins. Citations of published material should follow the APA standard.
  5. Foreign words should be in italics. British form of English is used.
  6. References should be carefully checked. In the case of books these should be complete in respect of edition, place and date of publication, name of publisher; and in the case of journal articles (where given), volume and issue number, month and year, and page numbers. References to privately circulated material should also contain the names of the institution concerned.
  7. The full mathematical workings necessary for justifying each step of the argument should accompany all articles of a mathematical character in order to assist the referees. These workings will not be published.
  8. Diagrams should be clearly drawn, with clearly marked axes. These should be accompanied by the basis statistics (where appropriate) required for their preparation.
  9. Statistical tables should be clearly headed and the reader should be able to understand the meaning of each row or column without hunting in the text for explanations of symbols. Units of measurement, base-dates for index numbers, geographical area covered and sources should be clearly stated. Authors are fully responsible for the accuracy of the data and for checking their proofs, but whenever they feel that the referee would have difficulty in testing the derivation of their statistics, they should provide supplementary notes on the methods used, which will not be published.
  10. The positions of diagrams and tables should be clearly marked in the text.
  11. All notes should be treated as endnotes, listed at the end of the article before the reference and numbered consecutively throughout.
  12. In general, articles should not exceed 8,000 words including abstract, tables, diagrams, notes and references.
  13. Contributors will be given one printed copy of the Journal free of charge.

For further information, please contact us at the following:

The Editor Borneo Review
Locked Bag 127
88994 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Tel: (088) 450500 / Fax: (088) 450599 / E-mail: [email protected]

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